There will be increased risk of fracture with minor falls. With increasing age, from day to day works like bending and lifting, the frequency of falls may lead to pain and other physical problems.

The risk of hip fracture is the worst because it affects the quality of life and more often it leads to death in women above 75 years old. About 35% of the women recover or regain their pre-fracture quality of good life. During the sickness, fear, anxiety and depressions are the symptoms along with the suffering of their families.

Imagine, a woman lives alone in Europe or in North America without family members, or the family members have no time because of their job or children, then old age home with medical care is the only alternative and the stress produced from the loss of her home and her personal environment, may increase, the chance of premature death. Here, I do not want to write about the happenings with such persons in the old age homes throughout the world.

Above all, you are lucky if you or your family are financially sound, otherwise the situation is catastrophe. Dear, young readers, by doing several things like good nutrition, enough physical activity, good observation in the families and a good family doctor who can take enough time for you, you can avoid this disease.

Physical activities such as walking, jogging, swimming or gymnastic are very useful to prevent the disease. The human beings are made to move always, but unfortunately mostly you cannot wander during your work or job. Do not work more than 8 to 10 hrs in your office so that you get more time for your physical activity. We work to live, but not live only to work.

The good food intake is throughout the life important. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat are good. One must be careful with calcium supplement and it is better to consult your doctor before that.