Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) was in the past used by body builders to stimulate the muscle growth and now it is a popular recreational and party drug. GHB is a central nervous system depressant, synthetically produced and is a designer drug used along with many other drugs.

Young adults are the majority users, many of these have no idea how GHB works, it affects each person differently and the strength of the dose and the purity may decide whether you live or die. In the internet you have lot of misleading information about the danger of addiction, overdose and death is always downplayed.

Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is also a date-rape drug.

GHB can relieve anxiety and give relaxation, but in higher doses, the sedative effects can result the symptoms of vomiting, loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, coma and death. The purity and strength of the street GHB are unpredictable and so, the danger is always there.

Regular abuse can quickly lead to physical and psychological dependency.

The withdrawal symptoms include:

• Anxiety
• Paranoia
• Delirium
• Insomnia
• Hallucinations
• Disorientation

What is a date-rape-drug?

GHB and rohypnol (flunitrazepam) are central nervous system depressants which are secretly mixed in the alcoholic and soft drinks of the unsuspecting victims. Mostly the victims are sexually abused and without able to understand what is happening they also be part of this dirty game. This is the reason why these drugs are called the date-rape drugs.

The date-rape drugs are colourless, tasteless and odourless and one has no chance to find out.

Avoid blind dates in your flat or in his flat and be very careful with the drinks. If one has taken it, no more chance to escape.

We have estimated flunitrazepam from red wine in such cases, if the rest of the drinks are available, to help the victim to go to the court to punish him. Every girl and woman must be careful always because it is not easy for the courts to decide whether you have willingly done it or not. In several cases the drink in the glass is not available to test because many women in their anger throw the cups and glass in the dish-washer first. This is completely wrong and give these to the police.

The street names of GHB include:

• G
• Easy lay
• Ellie
• Clear x
• Liquid x
• Chemical x
• Liquid dream
• Scoop her
• Get-her-to-bed
• Liquid ecstasy
• Cap
• Grievous bodily harm

Say always no to drugs; they are not good for our health…