Heroin and morphine are very strong painkillers. In the beginning even heroin is used as a painkiller in many countries.

Today pure heroin is given to very strong addicts in some countries as a medicine so that they need nor buy the dirty street hereins with several additives to increase the weight to make more money. Very few countries are allowing this with strict supervision.

The addicts do not feel any pain except the withdrawal symptoms if the receptors are free. This painkilling effect makes the story worse.

Mostly the addicts have bad oral hygiene, the bacteria attack the gums and tooth fall is the result. Normally they do not work and so have no health insurance and the social welfare department has to pay, some go to the dentist and some do not. This means you can see patients without teeth; the main reason is, as you told, heroin or morphine is strong painkillers and they do not feel the tooth pain till the end.

Say always no to drugs; they are not good for our health…