Prolonged abuse of inhalants may lead to tolerance development and the abuser needs more to get his kick and this is a dangerous situation.

Addiction is the result when the user needs it every day, more and more, to do his normal duties and his slow reactions and actions show us where he is.

The symptoms include:

• Irritation
• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Tremors
• Loss of appetite
• Aggressive behaviour
• Anxiety
• Depression

The short-term effects are, the wellbeing and relaxation is the first feeling and after that excitement, drowsiness, chillness, blurred vision, loss of inhibitions, bad behaviour, unpleasant breath and sores around the mouth and nose and nosebleeds.

Short-term effects can be similar to alcohol-abuse effects and may last one hour and after that headaches and tiredness may last to several days, but it depends on the dosage inhaled. Disorientation, loss of control of the feelings and body are the result of abuse of large quantities in short time.

Some of the reports in magazines tell that most of the solvents do not cause any damage to the body, if used in small doses for a short period. It is totally wrong, all the organic solvents which are not miscible in water are big danger to our body and if you have deficiency in your detoxification system, then it is too late to think about the adverse effects. These are absolutely wrong information to mislead children and teenagers.

The long-time abuse has more serious adverse effects to our health and they are seizures, irregular heart beat, brain and nerve damage, memory loss, tremors, facial sores, irritability and coma.

Another important problem is the personality change, which can spoil many things in your life.

In rich countries, the inhalation death are rare, but in developing countries you do not know mostly, it is the organic solvents or malnutrition or any disease killed one and it is difficult to say anything concretely. If you are unlucky, you may die also after the first use.