Everybody knows whether cheese or other food products, it is very tasty when the fat content goes over 45%. At the same time diet cheese is available with 0.2% fat but it tastes almost nothing.

For example, a young woman goes every second day for shopping, buys the diet food. Food containing 45% to 80% fat are placed in the near shelves and it tempts her every time. After a week she is convinced by her discipline in the last six days and now one day she thinks that she could eat normal which may not be harmful to her. She goes to the next shelf and buys things which she likes very much and all the calories she has saved in last six days are gone. This is repeated billions of times in the world.

The important problem is not only she ate much but her metabolism was slow because of her diet. This is a very important to understand.

When I had my rehabilitation, I used to talk about food with a supermarket manager. I asked him why they keep diet products and high fat products nearby shelves in the supermarkets. He replied that their aim was to attract and animate people to buy the fatty food which is made out of all waste fat and meat. This is more profitable for them also.

Instead of calculating the calories and eating some tasteless diet products, we must know what our body needs and why? Only this will make us happy, healthy and helps to reduce the weight as well as its maintenance.