Normally urine is the best because there you can see the metabolic pattern of the drugs. Most of the drugs could be found up to a period of 72 hours.

There is also a confirmation of the purity of the sample with urine because mostly it is collected in medical centres or in your doctor’s office. Here the patient has no chance or very little chance to cheat us.

Blood is a difficult sample because the half life of most of the drugs is very short and the concentrations are very low. If you want to produce good results the instrumentations are not only very costly but also very sensitive. The persons assisting you must have good qualification and experience and the laboratory rooms and work places must be arranged in such a way to have no contamination of samples as well as the instruments.

May be few minutes to few hours in blood or three to four days in urine are the time to measure them. Exception is cannabis. The drug delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is deposited in the muscles and could be found in the urine up to 12 weeks after the last use in abusers.

To know the long time abuse, hair is the best sample, one cm healthy hair grows in one month and even we can say the time of abuse.

If there are no hairs available, pubic hairs are the last resort, here you can measure the drugs but cannot tell the time of abuse.

It is also possible to analyse drugs of abuse in nails, but it is not possible to tell the time of abuse.

Say always no to drugs; they are not good for our health…