Low cholesterol is good for our heart, but if it is too low, less than 150, it may alter the brain chemistry because brain contains a large amount of cholesterol. We have knowledge about the cholesterol in our body but we know only little about brain cholesterol.

Cholesterol does not go from the blood to brain because of the blood-brain barrier but it is synthesized in the brain itself. About 25% of the total cholesterol found in our body is in the brain and its turnover is affected in neuro-degenerating disorders. The capacity for cholesterol transport and recycling in the brain seems to be important for the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Lot of research is going on but concrete evidence is unfortunately still missing.

The negative consequences of low cholesterol, whether actively reduced or naturally low, are a few according to the recent research reports.

Men with the lowest cholesterol had the highest mortality rate, but it is generally due to cancer and other non-heart related diseases. It may be the lung cancer in the case of smokers with low cholesterol, but the reason is not low cholesterol itself.

Cholesterol may be important in the brain for the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter which at low levels associated with depression. Persons with low cholesterol have also low serotonin values and there is a link between low natural cholesterol levels and negative emotional states, depression, accidents, violence and a higher rate of suicide.

Persons with low cholesterol, but with high blood pressure, may be at the risk for haemorrhagic stroke with bleeding in the brain. But it should be clearly noted that this type of stroke is much less common than ischemic stroke which is caused by artery blockage.