Is this form of tobacco consumption safer than smoking? No, it is not at all safer than smoking. All forms of tobacco consumption are dangerous to our health.

Chewing or dipping has the risks like mouth cancer, pulling away of the gum from the tooth, decay of the exposed roots and white patches or red sores in the mouth which may turn to cancer. It plays also a vital role in heart disease, stroke and in other cancers.

Chewing tobacco brings more nicotine into blood because they reach the stomach and the absorption takes place in the intestines. It is much more efficient than from the inhalation of the smoke.

The different kinds of smokeless tobacco include:

Chewing tobacco is a loose leaf, twists or plugs and it is chewed.

Snuff is the dry or moist loose leaf or in small pouches like tea bags and a pinch of snuff is placed between lower lips and gum or the cheek and the gum. It is inhaled also into the nostrils.

Betel quid is a product of India, Asia and Africa. It consists of a dried paste which includes tobacco, areca nuts, catechu and different scent or flavouring. It is placed in the mouth, between the cheek and gum and gently chewed or sucked.

In India many are addicted to chewing tobacco wrapped in betel leaves, all social categories are represented here in large numbers. Even the majority of the college students have this bad habits and the health risk is high.

Even doctors use this and this is a bad habit which we export very well because the young Indian migrating to other countries use this also throughout the world.

Gutka is industrially manufactured smokeless tobacco product which is a specifically an Indian problem. Areca nut, an important constituent of gutka causes oral mucous fibrosis, a dangerous disease with no cure, which also the precursor of oral cancer.

In cigarette smoking this may take years to reach this but in gutka this happens within short time and with the popularization of gutka the oral cancer rate among young persons are increasing in India. It is never too late to stop using tobacco.

It is difficult to ban because they get their rights from the court of law because we do not have strict laws. The public must ask for the ban and put pressure on the political parties for which they vote. It is also advisable to put extra tax which could be used to patients for their medical treatments and rehabilitation. Increase the prices of the ingredients so drastically that gutka becomes very costly for many people.

There is no safe tobacco product in our world.