It is more than 3 months since I am doing oil pulling. I missed it only one day, on that day when we came from India to Germany.

What I experienced in all these days? It is interesting if you do oil pulling regularly. I have noted the following benefits till now and they include:

• White teeth
• Fresh breath
• Mouth is free from infections – no gum bleeding
• The skin is becoming better
• These 20 minutes are time to concentrate or to relax, both give me pleasure, peace and strength

I would like to test oil pulling for few years. I am suffering from eczema from my childhood. People doing oil pulling for several years told me that it helps but takes nine to twelve months. Let me see what happens with my skin.

Oil pulling does very good if you have piles or ulcers. Here I combine oil pulling with metabolism based individual diet.

January and February I am thinking of doing the toxicological studies and very much excited to see the results. When I have the results I inform you all.

Wish you All a Peaceful, Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New year 2010…