You are clever, it makes one addict and when everybody knows that you are cocaine addict your social status is gone, the court of law can punish you and in many cases the partner leaves you and even the court can ban you to see your children. Is it worth? The answer is certainly no.

The adverse health effects are worse and they are:

Seizures, respiratory failure, heart attack, stroke and violent behaviour are the expected problems. Deaths are also reported in combination with heroin and several other drugs and tablets. Muscle weakness is also the effect of long time abuse. The psychological effects could not be neglected. The euphoria can be followed by depression and the feeling of discomfort, the result is you abuse further.

Cocaine amplifies sexual interest and enjoyment, but the big problem is it can also lead to impotence with frequent usage. There are other legal drugs to make you happier, but you must also be careful with social drugs also.

Every medal has two sides and there are only few exceptions for this truth.

Frequent intranasal intake can bring problems to cartilage separating the nostrils and this may lead to severe pain. To mask this lidocaine is mixed with cocaine and we have seen this in tens of thousands of samples from patients. Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic.

Both women and men abuse cocaine and this is also same in all countries or cultures. Think of Maradona, the soccer idol of Argentina. In every country respectable people from all the fields abuse it.

The most common names of cocaine include:

• Snow
• Flake
• Coke
• Blow
• Powder lines
• Free base
• C
• Rock
• Nose candy
• Dust

Say always no to drugs…