Grapefruit and its juice are rich in nutrients including vitamin C, lycopene and minerals. But phytochemicals present in the grapefruit or its juice could interfere with the metabolism of many drugs.

Grapefruit juice as well as its pulp could cause problems with several drugs because the phytochemicals present are also metabolized by the same enzyme in the liver like many drugs. If the body gets lot of grapefruit juice or pulp, the enzyme system is completely blocked; the liver is so busy with the metabolism of these phytochemicals that it cannot metabolize the drugs. The result can be very high levels of these drugs in the blood. It is a risk which could increase the serious side effects and this is bad for our health.

The list of drugs which have problems with grapefruit juice or pulp is long, more than 50 drugs from the following groups, drugs to treat depression, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, cancer, pain, allergies and impotence.

Avoid grapefruit juice or pulp when you take these drugs.

Pomelos and Seville oranges often used to make marmalade and compotes can also have the similar effect of interferring with drugs.

Take the advice of your doctor here and he can inform you clearly.