We all know that sodium is important for our health. Moreover, we eat lot of salted food and this applicable to all countries in our world.

Processed, junk and fast food also contain too much salt. Sweet food like corn flakes also contain too much of salt. It is not different from other bakery products like cakes, biscuits and others. Chips and salted nuts also contain too much of salt. Everybody in this world take 3 to 9 times more sodium than the recommended daily in take.

Sodium narrows the blood vessels, the heart must pump more and the blood pressure goes up.

Moreover, sodium can also retain more water in our body. The blood is diluted, the amount is increased and more pressure is needed to pump the blood properly. The blood pressure goes up.

Less sodium is dangerous for our health. It regulates the water balance in our body. If you stop completely it is deadly.