It is a very good question, without cholesterol there is no human life, no sex differences and nothing. At least 20% of our brain tissues are made up of cholesterol. It is so important for the brain and is produced there, in the head, only.

Liver has also high amount of cholesterol. It is also produced in liver and it is important for our body like sodium so that a part of it is reabsorbed back to our blood before excretion.

Cholesterol is used in the synthesis of male and female sexual hormones and with the help of sunlight vitamin D is synthesized in our skin. All the other hormones that have the steroidal structure are also from cholesterol, e.g. Hydrocortisone.

Cholesterol is made as villain by the pharmaceutical companies and food processing industries for their own interest to earn lot of money. It is the LDL or the oxidised cholesterol is bad for our health.

Cooking and frying in high temperature make the cholesterol to react with oxygen from our atmosphere. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits; reduce the amount of milk, milk products, meat and meat products. Avoid other risk factors such as smoking, excessive drinking, over- weight and high homocysteine levels and then you will have no problem with cholesterol.

But, the problem may come if you have genetically influenced disturbances of cholesterol and fat metabolism.