This is a very, very frequently asked question from people from all the countries. The children first like the colourful packs and then the sweet corn flakes with many tastes.

Corn flakes are made from maize and contain lot of sugar. More than 80% of corn flakes are carbohydrates and so it is not good for people who have problem with sugar.

During processing many minerals and vitamins are destroyed and only a few are added later as supplements. Processed food has more chemical additives.

Although corn flakes are sweet they contain lot of salt (sodium).

I am not telling that you must avoid this if you are healthy. If some food tastes you well first you must try to understand the risks from the food. Once you have the information you could decide what is good and what is not?

If you have diabetes I have no understanding for your food habits. You must eat fresh food with lot of vegetables and less carbohydrates. At the same time your body must get all the minerals, vitamins and other phytochemicals from your food.

Talk to your dietician and he could write a healthy and good diet plan.