There many studies which say there is a good effect and others which say no effects.

From my observation 2 or 3 cloves of garlic per day with a proper individual diet, reduces cholesterol. There are many persons who expect that I eat as usual junk, fast and processed foods, take garlic and the cholesterol can come down. It is a mistake; in this case, the level of cholesterol can go up only.

The sulphur content of garlic is responsible for its medicinal value.

Some people prefer to take garlic pills to avoid garlic breath.

There are several other uses of garlic and they include:

• Used to treat acne
• A natural mosquito repellent
• It is a powerful natural antibiotic
• Strong anti-oxidant to protect the body against damaging free radicals.

Avoid raw garlic; eating too much could produce problems – irritation of the digestive tract.

There are few who are allergic to garlic. The symptoms include skin rash, high temperature and headache.

Garlic can interfere with medicines like anti-coagulants and so it must be avoided before surgery. If you are taking more medicines consult with your doctor.