Nowadays there are chocolates that have up to 95% cocoa and these are bitter with no taste.

75%+ cocoa chocolates are healthy because of the high amount of polyphenols, flavonoids and other antioxidants.

Chocolates with more than 85%+ cocoa are not much harmful to your health. These bitter chocolates can reduce the blood pressure, can reduce cholesterol level and even help for sugar metabolism. Cocoa absorbs the sugar and there fore it is reduced slowly in the stomach.

If you use it in a proper way even 95+ cocoa chocolates are useful in weight reduction. A good dietician could arrange this in four diet plan.

Eat moderately if you have diabetes and reduce the amount of carbohydrates from other sources. What is moderate? It is 35 to 50 g per day.

Normal chocolates have cocoa butter, cocoa solids and sugar. Milk chocolates have milk powder or condensed milk, cocoa butter, cocoa solids and sugar. White chocolates have milk powder, cocoa butter and sugar but no cocoa solids. These chocolates have a maximum of 30% cocoa and have no health effects. We must be careful with these, otherwise you could become chocoholic.