Scientific studies show that there is specific pharmacological activity of foods. It is not clear, which concentration we need to get the desired effect and also the significance of these effects in our health problems.

There are thousands of phytochemicals which may be very important for our health. Much research must be done to understand clearly about our food. So you can inform, take these foods but nobody can give you a promise to the cure but the cumulative effect of taking vegetables and fruits help us surely.. It is not only useful but also interesting to know about these foods and many persons told me it has helped, this is the practical side of these important substances.

In some of the food, the active chemicals are identified and the mechanism is also understood but in many foods, we do not yet understand the mechanism although there are pharmacological activities.

The drugs in foods can act in different diseases and they are as follows:

• As antioxidants to protect our cells
• As anticancer agents
• As antibiotics against bacteria
• As antiviral agents
• As anticoagulants
• As antihypertensive agents
• In giving relief in gas troubles
• As diuretics to increase the urine flow
• Regulation of estrogen
• As stimulant for immune function
• In clearing the sinuses and lungs
• As painkillers

A minimum of 400 g vegetables and 40 g fruits in 3 to 4 servings will do good to you. These are far better than the food supplements. As we know too much of vitamin C could become prooxidant and dangerous. About beta-carotene, the synthetic beta-carotene could cause lung cancer, but the natural one is healthy.

Eat as much vegetables as you can as raw and this is very good for your health.