Menorrhagia is the medical term used for heavy menstrual bleedings. If necessary use double protection with two sanitary pads. If you use tampon it should be changed every hour. Go to your doctor immediately if you have signs of anaemia, your period lasts longer than seven days or your period disrupts your normal activities of these days.

You can inform him that you would like to try your grandma’s home treatments first. If you feel that these are not helping you, you should go to your doctor immediately. Anaemia and the deficiencies of vitamins A, C, E, K and too much of fast, junk and processed food and too little fresh vegetables, fruits and food play a vital role here.

The grandma’s methods to reduce the heavy bleeding include:

• With Banana flower
• With coriander seeds
• With Ashoka Tree Bark
• With Indian Barberries

Banana flower – by increasing the level of progesterone banana flower slows heavy bleeding. It is used as a vegetable Asia. One cooked banana flower and eaten with curd can help to slow the heavy bleeding.

Coriander seeds – we all know about the use of coriander leaves and seeds as spices. Boil one teaspoon of coriander seeds in 950 ml until the volume becomes half. Little sugar is added if you like and it should be drunk warm. It helps to reduce the heavy bleeding.

Ashoka Tree Bark – boil 90 mg Ashoka Tree Bark with 350 ml water and 30 ml of milk. Cook gently till the volume becomes about 100 ml. This should be drunk in three portions during the day. This should continue from the fourth day of the menstruation until the bleeding has stopped.

It is very effective when heavy bleeding is caused by fibroid tumours. In this case you to go to your doctor immediately.

Indian Barberry – 13 to 25 grams of Indian Barberries each day can help to relieve heavy bleeding. Rough chaff grows in the Himalayas. Soak 15 mg of rough chaff in 250 ml water. This solution can help you during heavy bleeding.

The other well known herbs to reduce menstrual heavy bleeding include:

• Shepherd’s purse (Chinese cress)
• Cinnamon tea
• Nettle tea
• Cayenne pepper
• Yarrow

Shepherd’s purse is an herb used for many years to treat obstetric and gynaecological haemorrhage. This can be also used heavy menstrual bleeding. Blood in urine and nosebleeds and other wounds could also be stopped with shepherd’s purse.

2 to 4 grams are soaked in 150 ml hot water for 15 min. Drink 2 to 4 times a day, but only between meals.

Shepherd’s purse has many side effects and so it is advisable to consult with your doctor before you use it.

Cinnamon tea – you could drink the whole day hot cinnamon tea. A piece of cinnamon stick or 4 drops of cinnamon barks are used to make this tea.

Cayenne pepper – cayenne pepper helps to keep the blood vessel walls pliable, thus it helps to reduce heavy bleeding. It is also a good help for menstrual cramps.

Nettle Tea – for women suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding or premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, drinking nettle tea might prove beneficial.

Yarrow – yarrow roots boiled in water and soaked for another ten minutes gives a good tea and this is useful to reduce the excessive menstrual bleeding.

There several hundreds or more herbs in our world which could help here. But, we should not forget that these herbs can also have some or more side effects which can affect your health. Always you must be careful when you are taking. If there are some side effects stop taking it and go to your doctor immediately.

Heavy menstrual bleeding can be from serious conditions which can include the dysfunction of your ovaries, polyps, problems with an intrauterine device, cancer, bleeding disorders or complications of pregnancy. Without wasting much time if these natural medicines do not help go to your doctor immediately.