Thank you. You are the first person who sends a question. With the limited available information I would like to comment your health problems.

Whether you are in your twenty's or forty's your food intake is very important. Healthy food does not always mean healthy to you. Here your doctor or dietician could help you to find the correct food.

For hair loss no supplement will help. The right food will help you. Too much of protein will have the negative effect here. Olive oil oil is good to stop hair loss.

It seems you are taking iron supplementation for a long time. It is not correct. Iron supplement could be taken 14 days to 3 months and not more. The excess iron that you absorb will not be converted into haemoglobin. It is deposited in your heart and other muscles. Our body temperature and the water present can rust the iron and with Fenton’s reaction iron produces too many dangerous hydroxyl free radicals. Iron concentration, thus the haemoglobin must be increased through food only.

The reason for your fatigue may be the low iron and thus the low haemoglobin levels. The oxygen supply to your cells are not optimum. This is the reason why you need 10 to 12 hours sleep. After your long sleep you may become tired after few hours.

You can be a vegetarian. Are you eating enough legumes, pulses, beans, nuts and seeds? At least 400 g vegetables and 400 g fruits must be eaten every day, in 3 to 4 servings. Tofu and soja milk are healthy, but rich in protein. With curd you have a milk product also. Here, the protein intake is too high. This has two disadvantages. Protein makes the body acidic and this makes more calcium to excrete from your body. Excess intake of protein increases the uric acid values in your blood. So what you have may not be arthritis but may be gout. Here consult your doctor.

At first you have to change your food and this will help you surely. If you have the right food and health you need not worry about your coming menopause.

Drink 4 to 6 litres of fluids per day and 70% must be pure drinking water. Avoid cola drinks.

These are the comments what I could make from the information that I got your letter. It is great that you have written but the information is still too little to say many concrete things. Here a metabolism based individual diet plan will be the right one for you.

I am waiting still from our members the filled analysis form and the 14 days food and fluid intake information. After that I wanted to select 5 persons to write their metabolism based individual diet plan free of cost. I don’t know whether you are doing that.