I do not know your medical history and food habits and so it is difficult to give you an individual answer, but I tell you what is happening if you drink lemon tea.

Because of acid rain, soil is rich in aluminium and it is not an essential element to our body. Very few plants can take the aluminium from the soil and tea plant is one of them and has a lot of aluminium. Now comes the lemon which contains vitamin C and it is necessary for the absorption of aluminium.

Few decades ago we thought aluminium cannot be absorbed; it may be because before 1980 we had no analytical methods to estimate aluminium in blood. The products of dialysis had lot of aluminium and that was the beginning of the analysis of it in water, blood and in other tissues. Now we know aluminium can be absorbed to the blood and even can cross the blood-brain barriers and may be a reason for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s sickness. So, lemon tea could be consumed, may be a small cup per day, but avoid it to drink with your meals.

Aluminium disturbs the absorption of iron.