When the holes are there in your teeth there are two possibilities, our dentist can fill the holes or if it is so worn out he can make crowns or bridges.

Gold and platinum alloy is a good choice but costs more and ceramic, resin ionomers, resin composite and amalgam are the choices.

Dental amalgam is a stable alloy made of combining elemental mercury, silver, tin, copper and zinc. Many people have no problems for so many years but few have problems and some have really allergy with mercury. It is possible to measure mercury in saliva which gives an idea of the mercury vapours in the mouth.

At first we have to see that mercury is realesed from the amalgam fillings in our mouth. The saliva test for mercury is the right one for this. In the morning before brushing the teeth 3 to 5 ml of saliva is collected in a plastic container. After that sugar free chewing gum is given and ten minutes it must be chewed on the surface of the fillings and after that once again 3 to 5ml saliva is collected in a different container. From these and also from blood and urine mercury is estimated to see the general condition in the body.

Removing amalgam teeth fillings could cause problems. The dentist can remove it by drilling but the problem is a high amount of mercury goes inside the body. Most of the mercury goes inside the tissues and will be stored there.

There are different ways to remove mercury from our body. There is a DMPS (Dimaval; 2,3-dimercapoto-1-propane sulfonate sodium salt) test with which your doctor removes the mercury from your body. DMPS is a chelating agent and it forms a complex with mercury which will be excreted through kidneys. But your kidneys must be healthy. Moreover a large amount of essential elements like copper and zinc will also be excreted from the body because of DMPS chelation. Copper and zinc must also be estimated before the test and supplemented if they are low. But, it is very well manageable.

Palladium is not used for the fillings because of its toxicity. The fillings are normally safe if these are done properly even with amalgam. Gold and platinum are the best.

Galloy is a brand new material containing silver, tin, indium and gallium and it is meant for mercury-free filling material. For the industry, amalgam is supposed to be 100% safe, even then they develop an alternative to amalgam and it is very interesting.

Why should amalgam dental fillings be removed? Few have mercury allergy. A mercury allergy test should be made to see whether you have mercury allergy or not and if you have allergy it is better to remove and go for gold or gold-platinum combination.

We must have our lifestyle in such a way so that our oral health prevents teeth holes.