The contraction of voluntary muscles in human beings take places by the mutual sliding of two sets of interdigitating filaments. The thick one containing the protein myosin and the thin one containing the protein actin.

Muscle contraction is controlled by the central nervous system, this means brain and spinal cord. Brain initiates the voluntary muscle contractions and spinal cord initiates the involuntary reflexes.

There are three types of muscle tissues in our body and they are skeletal, cardiac and smooth, the blood vessels muscles. The skeletal muscles are in charge of our movement.

Coming to the problem of Sakthikkumaran V. the back pain in the lower part has many reasons, overweight and obesity and less physical activity.

The human beings are created by God to walk with four legs. The spinal cord is produced by God to this purpose. In the evolution we have two legs and two hands. This has several advantages and few disadvantages. The major disadvantage is the problems with the spinal cord. It is actually the problems of the small muscles supporting the spines. Because of its unnatural upright position these muscles hardens and gets damaged. There starts the problem with the nerves touch the sharp bones. We have to stretch our spinal cord everyday. The 160 muscles what we have in the back must work everyday properly and we must help them by stretching.

You have to talk to your orthopaedic doctor and physiotherapist. In cases where the damage is already there the neorologist is the expert to do the treatment with others together.

For the last 60 years I am physically handicapped with almost no muscles in my legs. Even today, with 62 years I have no back pain. The reason is the good physiotherapist who taught me this simple exercises after my foot-correction operation in 1974. It is only five minutes exercise of stretching the spinal cord and the small muscles which support it.

Am I expecting too much from you all for your health? 2010 is going to begin soon and start doing this exercise from 1st January 2010.