There are many people who have this problem. In many cases the villain may be the iron deficiency.

Consult your doctor, ask him to estimate your blood values of iron, ferritin and haemoglobin and try to correct the iron deficiency with food, or with iron supplement. The iron supplement should be taken only for only 14 days to 3 months; otherwise more free radicals will be produced in your body due to Fenton’s reaction.

Foods rich in iron include:

• Red meat
• Eggs
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Nuts
• Legumes and pulses

After your meals, take one glass of either orange juice or one kiwi fruit that contains vitamin C. We need vitamin C for iron absorption.

Excess aluminium disturbs the absorption of iron; since vitamin C favours the aluminium absorption, avoid tea and cucumber with your meals. Avoid also calcium tablets after meals since they could also affect iron absorption.

All deodorants contain lot of aluminium salts and use them only under the arm and also very little. Aluminium cooking vessels and aluminium foils to pack the food must be avoided completely if you have iron deficiency.