This is a very important question, if we understand the relationship between these two lots of problems could be solved by us, I mean the iron deficiency.

We need vitamin C for the absorption of iron, so as also aluminium, moreover the transport protein is the same for iron and aluminium. That means if we have more aluminium in our meals, more aluminium is absorbed than iron and this can lead to iron deficiency, thus low haemoglobin values.

If we keep the aluminium levels in our food low and eat foods rich in iron and vitamin C, automatically more iron is absorbed and converted to haemoglobin. This is possible, if we know all the sources of aluminium in our food or also the contamination from aluminium cooking vessels and even from aluminium foils if you pack acidic foods directly in it.

Cucumber and tea are rich in aluminium. Think of rice cooker, the bowel there is aluminium so that our rice is quickly ready. Deodorants are also rich in aluminium which can enter our body through the skin.

The aluminium value of Indian human hair is found to be the highest in the world and I have examined approximately 250 Indian human hairs, most of them had low iron.