I have very little information from you. I have no idea about your food and fluids intake. I don’t know your height and weight. I don’t know what food supplements or medicines including oral contraceptives you are taking.

Itching and boils may also be the side effects of some medicines. It could have been better if you could have filled the Aaron Analysis Form which you could download from www.aaronverlag.com.

It is good that the blood values are normal. Are you sure that you are free from infections? It may be food allergy or dry skin. For food allergies there are laboratory methods to find out. Use the special soaps which contain no soap at all, for example the “No soap” soap. After you have taken a shower or bath you must apply your cream within 5 minutes to keep the moisture. This should be done in the morning and evening. You can apply the cream if you feel it is necessary at any time.

You can massage your legs with sesame oil. This can help to avoid the micro-organisms like bacteria to be there.

The problem with many women is they drink very little. You must drink 4 to 6 litres of fluids everyday and 70% of this must be pure drinking water.

Eat lot of leafy vegetables cooked or as salads. Vegetables keep your body alkaline so that little poisons are taken from the food and environment. Eat ripe and dark coloured fruits to get enough antioxidants.

Avoid stress always.

If there is no change after three weeks fill up the Aaron Analysis Form and send it to me once again. I need all the information and then only a complete analysis of your health is possible.