This is for you Kanti....The Food and our Health is not accepting this huge information. This is the reason why I put this in my blog...

You have 5 kgs overweight. Although resear has not given a clear picture whether aluminium is one of the culprits for Parkinson's disease, you must avoid cooking vessels with aluminium and using aluminium foils to cover or transport food. It is applicable to rice cooker also.

Moreover, tea and cucumber have lot of aluminium. If you use this you must be careful with food that have lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C prefers aluminium than iron if aluminium is present in high concentration to take to the blood. So eat cucumber alone and do not put it with your salad where the possibility of the presence of vitamin C is high. You are now fixed to a certain type of food. If i have to write a plan it will be entirely different. There will be no or very little supplements only. So, if you are happy with your present food follow it. At the same time try to avoid the following risk factors...

Wood furnitures - what are the chemical preservatives used?

Wool carpet -
It contains pesticide in high concentration...Normally it is soaked in a pesticide solution so that the insects will not attack it. The pesticide used is permethrin which is a neurotoxic. In which room you have this. If it is in your bedromm it is the worst.

Amalgam -
if it is done properly amalgam is good teeth filling. If not it is released continuously in your mouth and is deposited in your body. The possibility of a mercury allergy is then there. You could ask your skin specialist to do the mercury skin allergy test.

What are the industries nearby? Could you tell me exactly please?

What about your detoxification system and free radical scavenging system? In your case there are many environmental questions which must be cleared or solved...After that we have to see what is left...