Organic mercury compounds are very toxic. Inorganic mercury is mixed with other metals together to form an alloy. This is normally used in teeth fillings.

The other metals used with Mercury are silver, copper, indium, tin and zinc. But mercury is always the major component here.

Mercury will be free if the quality of the fillings is not good and swallowed with the saliva. The amount liberated in the mouth could be estimated with the so called “chewing gum” test.

Many people have no problems and others have lot of health problems. A part is excreted in the urine and a major part is accumulated in the tissues. During the process of removing the amalgam fillings, lot enters inside our body. This could be removed only with the help of the chelating agents. If you are allergic to mercury, these fillings must be removed and with other metals such as gold or platinum replaced. But these are very costly compared to amalgam, but very good.

The amalgam fillings must be removed by an experienced dentist. The doctor who removes the mercury deposited in your tissues must be very careful because during this process many of the essential minerals are also eliminated from the body. Necessary minerals supplements must be given before the beginning of the detoxification. The kidneys must be 100% healthy. The clinical toxicologist plays an important role. He supervises the analysis of mercury in blood, urine and in the hair before and after the detoxification. Essential minerals like copper and zinc are also controlled in the blood after the detoxification.

For the removal of toxic metals from our body we need selenium from our food. Food always plays an important role in removing the poisons from our body.

Today there are many alternatives to amalgam. Ceramic is one of the best.