Normally they must be healthy if baked with good ingredients; I have problems as long as they are not giving all the particulars of the bread on the label. Here the corresponding departments do the necessary things.

I do not think breads available in Indian bakeries are good. Mostly it is baked with maida (milled wheat flour). The colour of the bread has nothing to do with maida or whole grains flour. To make the maida brown we need little caramel (heated sugar or molasses, the rest after taking sugar from sugarcane).

All the breads available, white or brown are very fine breads. They are from maida only.

Adding little atta (whole grains wheat flour) or fibre to maida will not make a bread whole grains bread.

If you eat bread with butter and jam, eat few pieces of raw tomato, cucumber or carrot and some fruits. This is a must.

Whole grains bread is not fine, it is coarse and difficult to bake. Bread is becoming an important food in India and whole grains bread is good for our health. Ask your bakery about their bread quality.