If the communication between the small children and parents functions properly, it can also be easy during puberty or teenage time.

The important points to be told are:

* The sex health education to the child during puberty is important because it makes them clear about the appropriate and inappropriate touching or other body contacts of the opposite sex. Children ask normally many questions and during puberty they ask more questions and so the parents must have good knowledge in everything including sex health education.

* If they are different than usual talk to them and show that you are always with her/him not only in good days but also in bad days. The problem can be in most of the times very simple. If they want to tell you something, never block them, but listen to them carefully. The child trusts you if it talks to you openly.

* Allow them to invite their friends to your home so that you could also meet them.

* Tell them not to get inside a car alone and this brings risk of sexual abuse and murder in Western countries.

* Inform the children about alcohol and its adverse effects (Read Author Dr. K. Padmanaban’s book on Drugs Abuse. Info: www.aaronverlag.com) and inform them the dangers of alcohol. Alcohol has no nutritive values and the calories are only empty calories. It is not necessary for our metabolism and could be avoided totally. Smoking can bring lung cancer and should be avoided.

* Inform your children about the drugs and their bad effects (Read Author Dr. K. Padmanaban’s book on Drugs Abuse. info: www.aaronverlag.com). With drugs you could be manipulated and you do things which you do not do normally. It is better to avoid drugs in our life. If the children during puberty and teenage have no problems with alcohol, tobacco and drugs it is considered to be the best possible luck for the families in Western countries. This is also applicable here. The problem arises mostly when the parents have less or no time for their children.

Mostly it is the parents who makes the mistakes first and after that blame the children. We must learn till our last day so that our children could not say that the parents have no idea in a particular matter.