I need not say anything about rice in Asia. We all eat happily and also more than enough. The blood fat in is very high in rice eaters because the excess sugar is converted in the liver as fat. This is a risk factor for heart attack or stroke.
The nutrients in 100 g milled rice include:

• Water - 13.1 g
• Protein - 7.2 g
• Fat - 2.2 g
• Carbohydrates – 74.1 g
• Fibre – 2.2 g
• Minerals - 1.2 g – sodium 10 mg, potassium 240 mg, magnesium 120 mg, calcium 16 mg, iron 3200 micro g, copper 290 micro g, zinc 1600 micro g, selenium 10 micro g, iodide 2 micro g.
• Vitamins - vitamins B1, B2, B6, nicotine amide, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, vitamin E
• Phytic acid 890 mg

It is better to eat less rice which is good for your health. For small children well cooked rice, dhal and ghee are still the best food.

Minerals, particularly selenium varies with their concentration in the soil