Genes may play a role here, but the scientific explanation is simple; if you consume huge amount of carbohydrates, after digestion the sugars are used to produce energy in our cells and the excess sugars are sent to the liver where they are converted into triglycerides.

There are two more significant points are also there. They are:

• The intake of fruit sugar, fructose
• Excess intake of protein

Fructose is metabolized in the liver and the excess of it is converted to triglycerides. If you consume more protein than your body requires the excess is converted into sugar which in turn will be converted to triglycerides.

You must be careful in the intake of carbohydrates including fructose and also many soft drinks which can also contain sugar or fructose.

With half the amount of carbohydrates intake from your food and enough physical activity you could bring down the triglycerides without any medicine. This is good for your health.