If you have no allergy for groundnut, it is a very good food for everybody including the persons who have heart problems as well as diabetes. Using groundnuts without salt is the best, but healthy people may use little salt.

Nobody knows the exact reason for groundnut allergy, a protein may be the culprit and young children are the risk group. Adults do not develop this allergy. It is unfortunate, but the experts believe that there may be no allergy if the children do not consume groundnut till they become 4 years and after that the allergy will not develop.

The nutrients in 100 g edible groundnuts include:

• Water – 5.2 g
• Protein – 25.3 g
• Fat – 48.1 g
• Carbohydrates – 7.5 g
• Organic acids – Salicylic acid 1.1 mg
• Fibre – 11.7 g
• Minerals - 2.2 g – sodium 11 mg, potassium 660 mg, magnesium 160 mg, calcium 40 mg, iron 1800 micro g, copper 765 micro g, zinc 2800 micro g, selenium 6 micro g, iodide 13 micro g.
• Vitamins - vitamins A, B1, B6, nicotine amide, pantothenic acid, Biotin, folic acid, vitamin E
• Purine – 80 mg

Groundnut has no cholesterol; all plant foods have no cholesterol. Moreover, the recent research says that groundnut consumption may reduce the blood cholesterol. Because of the high fat content we must be careful with weight gain, otherwise could be used everyday.

Normally we eat fried groundnuts and here we can see the values of this.

The nutrients in 100 g fried and unsalted edible groundnuts include:

• Water – 1.6 g
• Protein – 25.6 g
• Fat – 49.4 g
• Carbohydrates – 9.4 g
• Organic acids – Salicylic acid not available
• Fibre – 11.4 g
• Minerals - 2.6 g – sodium 6 mg, potassium 775 mg, magnesium 180 mg, calcium 65 mg, iron 2300 micro g, copper 610 micro g, zinc 3400 micro g, selenium 1 micro g, iodide 14 micro g.
• Vitamins - vitamins B1, B6, nicotine amide, pantothenic acid, vitamin E
• Purine – not available

Minerals, particularly selenium varies with their concentration in the soil.

Instead of a full meal 50 t0 70 g fried and unsalted groundnuts, salad and fruits are the best food for health and eight reduction. Rice or wheat is not always necessary.