Food, stress and sex play a vital role to become pregnant. It is generally known to everybody; but how to manage them is not an easy task for many. In the recent weeks I have talked to a number of childless couple who are trying more than a year to become pregnant. We see the real situation here and it is interesting to compare with the literature.

Food – He eats bad and not getting all the essential nutrients from his food. We need all the essential minerals, vitamins and all the phytochemicals including anti-oxidants. Semen contains zinc and selenium in high concentrations. If his semen quality is bad, semen count is low and the motility of the sperm is not optimal, infertility is the result.

Eating many junk and processed foods makes her obese and this means fertility problems. This is also the case with extreme dieting. Irregular menstruation means problems in conceiving.

Healthy food is important for the husband and wife. These should be found exactly for the man and the woman. Right food has the capacity to do many wonders if you have little patience.

Stress – In women stress disrupts the communication between brain, pituitary and the ovary. This has a negative influence on the maturation of the egg and the ovulation. The production of neurotransmitters are so affected that the emotional part is completely changed negatively. In women the stress are physical, emotional and above all from the wish for a child.

In men the physical and emotional stress affects fertility. Sperm counts, motility of the sperm and the structure are altered due to stress. Impotence, difficulty in ejaculation or very quick ejaculations is the result. Stress disturbs the sleep and a restful sleep is not guaranteed. Stress brings depression, anxiety, uncontrolled anger and fatigue which are the problems of the persons suffering from infertility.

Stress is devil’s circle and it is sometimes impossible to come out without any help. The stress must be reduced; otherwise it leads to permanent infertility.

Sex – Stress-free sex is needed to have a baby. If you want to relax and enjoy sex, do not think of baby making, but think of love making. Finding the ovulation time gives more stress and the negative effects are more. Have sex very regularly, take time to enjoy your partner and there are sperm always when the ripe egg reaches the fallopian tube.

If a woman thinks about the baby before love making with her husband, she is already lost. This thought and the emotional stress makes her infertile.

All the pairs I have talked are having deficits in nutrients; they have physical as well as emotional stress from them and from their family. Sex is a routine for 5 to 10 minutes without any relaxation and that is also very late in the night. Stress and tiredness are not friends of love making.

If we mange to change to right food, control our stress and have a proper sex which brings enjoyment the chance of getting a baby very high. For this you need not take any medicines or hormones. Many will have a good chance here to become pregnant and rest could go for other therapies.

Extreme physical activities must be avoided by men and women and it can make infertile. But, normal physical activity is important. Quick walking for 30 min per day is enough.

Alcohol is an enemy for fertility.

Smoking including passive smoking must be avoided completely.

I have given you here the general information. Come to me and in my counseling I could make a tailor-made diet plan and methods to reduce your stress. Love making must also be real love making. The success will be yours…