Cobalt is a mineral which is an integral part of vitamin B12.

The uses of cobalt are:

• Cobalt is necessary for myelin formation which is an insulating layer found around nerves.
• It supports red blood cell production.
• It is essential in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.
• It is useful in the synthesis of proteins.
• It is also useful in the conversion of folic acid to active form.

The foods rich in cobalt include:

Vitamin B12 which contains cobalt is rich only in animal food. Meat and meat products are the best source.

Therefore, the vegetarians and vegans are susceptible to have vitamin B12 deficiency. If necessary it must be supplemented.

Excessive administration of cobalt produces goitre and reduces thyroid activity.

Work place exposure produces an allergic contact dermatitis and the dust, occupational asthma.