In tropical regions of our world water is always scarce and it is one of the main reasons of dirt everywhere. But for centuries we used natural products (banana leaves as plates) and our nature has no problem to decay them in this high temperature with the help of the bacteria which do good to us and to our environment.

Now we have substances, human–made and Bacteria or God has no chance to decay them. We all use it without thinking the future of our children or grandchildren. We make the whole environment dirty with all possible poisons and live in the middle of that in good houses. Are we so foolish to think that inside the house the air is healthier?

I think, our mind has become dirty and so we make the environment and our world dirty.

The persons who preach us are also not better than us and they have already spoiled the whole world including the seas and oceans. Look at the chemicals, plastic and other wastes including radioactive wastes in our waters. Look at the pictures taken at the bottom of North Sea, Baltic Sea and many other seas in our world during the 1960s and 1970s where you can find these wastes and majority of the plastic bags lying there are more than 30 or 40 years old. They are still intact and the poisons are released continuously.

We all have our old and present sins.

Keep your neighbourhood clean that should be beginning of cleanliness in all places including your mind? Live with nature and not against nature.