Many think noodles are very healthy and the parottas are the darling food for many. The biscuits, cakes and other snacks contain mostly maida. Even the so called whole grains atta products are not atta products because in India we do not have specifications as to how much atta must be present for a product to qualify as a whole wheat product.

Maida is the refined wheat flour minus all the nutrients normally present in wheat. If a product is declared in India from wheat flour, it is 100% from maida. Maida has 100% carbohydrate. The products from maida are not healthy for children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

It is easy to tell the maida is bad. But products from maida are everywhere and how to save the human beings from this deadly maida. My advice to you is, eat lot of vegetables and vegetable preparations with maida roti, poori or parotta. The vegetables must be 2/3 in your food if you consume maida products.

Parotta and kuruma combination is very unhealthy and avoid this.

Noodles are processed food. Moreover the chicken or other tastes are also from chemical cocktails. You must know what are there in your food as well the dangers and risks for your health.

In India you can declare your maida product as whole grains atta product if you mix little fibre or atta. Many add caramel (heated sugar) or molasses to bring the colour to brown and our wonderful healthy whole grains atta products are ready.

It is the case with breads also. Few percents atta will not make whole grains atta bread. These are not healthy not only for small as well as school going children but also to everybody. Early puberty, obesity, diabetes, and heart attack and stroke are the results from the uncontrolled consumption of the maida products.

Do not ban these in your house. Explain and inform you children clearly about this and teach then to eat two or three vegetables with these products. Roti is healthier than noodles because noodle is a processed food with all the disadvantages including chemicals and trans fat.

It is good if you eat rarely these unhealthy products with healthy vegetables.