This is a long term process. We must know contact and communication is very important for the children to understand the rules and norms of our society. They must also learn how to box through in our world.

The points to know include:

• Allow your children to play with other children as we did in olden days. It is applicable whether they are in the home, kindergarten or in the school.
• If possible have an eye on whom they play with and what they talk.
• With their peers, children can play normally, body contacts while playing are normal.
• Teach your child not to accept sweets or other eatables from strangers.
• Do not allow your child to go to the neighbouring houses to watch television.
• Unnecessary body contacts from relatives and friends must be avoided. This means teach your child to say ‘Stop’ to anybody if they touch unnecessarily and to say ‘No’ if anybody offers some sweets or other things.
• Observe your child for any unusual change.
• Listen to your child, talk to your child and take enough time for your child.
• The children may exaggerate sometimes; even then you have to take time to clear this.
• Believe your child’s words than the words of others.
• Do not always say you know everything.
• Tell your child that you are there always if she/he needs you.
• Teach them also that from one’s mistake only one can learn many things which they never forget. The mistakes could be corrected always if the relationship is good. Tell them never to repeat a mistake.
• Above all explain your children your family and social responsibility towards them.

The children are more intelligent than we think and understands the things well if done properly.