Many think taking many supplements, using anti aging creams and eating some fruits and vegetables are enough for anti aging. No, we need more for anti aging.

The following are the important tips for anti aging:

• Enough physical activity
• Do not eat too much
• Eat food which contains lot of anti-oxidants
• Drink lot of water
• Select your food in such a way to get enough vitamins and minerals
• Enough sleep
• Be slim always
• Do not smoke
• Do not drink too much alcohol
• Eat less animal fat
• Reduce the amount of milk and diary products
• Take care of your skin and hair
• Train your brain always
• Avoid direct sunlight, if possible
• Take care of your eyes
• Drink tea, green is better than black, but both are good
• Have regular contact with your friends
• You must have hobbies
• Use the power of your sex hormones
• Enjoy your sex with your partner
• Reduce personal and office stress
• Do not believe in some wonder drugs or methods
• Your genes are also important here
• Support your detoxification system
• Eat proper food for free radical scavenging and these two are deciding factors

For anti aging you must start when you are young to achieve the best results. But it is never too late to start with.

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