Plastic foils and aluminium foils are not good to keep prepared food. The poisons from the plastic foil and aluminium go immediately to the food.

The phthalate from the plastic foil goes to the food immediately. But, as long as your detoxification system is good, you have no problems, if not it is bad for you.

In the case of aluminium foil there are two important adverse effects; if the food is acidic lot of aluminium could reach the food which may affect the absorption of iron in the small intestine, resulting to low haemoglobin and anaemia. Moreover, aluminium can cross the blood – brain barrier and may play a role in Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

These aluminium foils are very dangerous environmental poison; in our institute we collect this separately and send it to special companies which recycle this or dispose it properly. Here we are also prepared to pay the fees because it helps our environment.

Avoid the use of plastic foils and aluminium foils to transport food.