Vanadium is a soft and ductile element and is present in the body.

Vanadium is an insulin mimetic agent which lowers blood sugar. It helps also to decrease the blood pressure and helps in fat and cholesterol metabolism. But it is an important element in the animals.

There is no recommended daily intake of vanadium and 10 to 30 micro grams a day should be enough.

Foods rich in vanadium include:

• Mushrooms
• Seafood
• Soya beans
• Sunflower, corn and olive oils
• Parsley
• Green beans
• Carrots
• Cabbage
• Fish
• Radish

Vanadium is found abundantly and there is no possible deficiency in human beings.

Vanadium or vanadium compounds are toxic in high concentrations. It may be a reproductive toxin.

It is not a carcinogen. But we must be always careful in work place exposures. Metal powders are always dangerous to lungs.