These sufferings are difficult to explain, but very serious and bad. It affects their whole life including their married life.

Sexually abused children or teenagers are often depressed and they have way no of dealing with their painful feelings. They lose safety, self-esteem and trust on others. They feel like damaged human beings. If a child or teenager is abused in the family they feel always guilty and abandoned.

The worst here is not only the sexual abuse but also the guilt, threats and the constant fear of discovery. The thoughts the persons who are supposed to love them are the ones who are abusing, hurting and betraying them are the worst of all. These negative influences will be there in their whole life and here the help of a psychologist is necessary.

We must have lot of understanding to help them. It is the duty of the state and the society to provide the necessary finances not only for the medial care but also for the psychological support.

Prevention is better than cure. Be watchful and handle immediately if something is known to you.