Unfortunately the sexual abuse of children happens everywhere because the children are physically weak and mentally they have no idea about this evil. The persons who do this evil are mostly their trusted persons.

I can say everywhere and that include:

• In religious functions where many meet where instead of walking you can swim with the crowd. It was not different when I was in the college and it is worse now.

• In marriage functions also the teens are abused mostly in India.

• While travelling in the bus or train or in the plane the danger of abuse everywhere and it is happening also every day.

• Children and teens flying alone are also easy victims of abusers.

• In places where large number of persons meet the fear of abuse is always there.

• In the work place also the sexual abuse is there in all levels and nobody talks about that and it is serious. It is equally as bad as mobbing which makes many very sick in industries as well as in the offices in Western countries. The sufferers are mostly women (more than 90%).

• In the cinema theatre or in other theatres where music performances and other functions take place sexual abuse is normal.

• We should not forget the homes where the handicapped and mentally retarded are living and there also the risk of sexual abuse is too high.

With the developments in our magazines and late night television programmes most of the men are always hot and consider the teens only as a sex object. They never think their mothers, wives or daughters are also women who also suffered surely as they were teens. The men must change if not our moral values will go down so deep and the adult women start exploiting the men in several ways as in Western countries. I tell you at that time the men will be sufferers and losers.

What is your advice to your child if somebody tries to abuse it?

Your child can break the normal rules of politeness if it is danger. Yelling, kicking, screaming, or running away is allowed if it feels in danger. It can bite and mostly this helps to gain the important seconds to run away.