Few days ago I saw a discussion in DD Pothigai about food, particularly our breakfast. I heard from the persons present there that not only the majority of the adults are not taking breakfast but also the school going children and adolescents. A mother told that she adjusts to her children and do as they wish to have peace of mind for all in the house.
Where are we now? I say always the parents must learn first and teach their children what is a right and wrong food for their health. All must take time; otherwise we do a great mistake.

The red blood cell are not round but square in form and these are wrapped in cholesterol so that with a normal blood pressure the blood could be circulated in our body for the transport of oxygen as well as nutrients to our trillions of cells. The interval between dinner and breakfast is 8 to ten hours. So during this long interval the concentration of cholesterol is low. The heart must work hard to maintain the oxygen and nutrients supply. The blood pressure increases and the risk for heart attack increases.

Remember most of the heart attacks are happening in the early morning because of the above told simple reason.

The breakfast gives you the cholesterol and the blood pressure comes down. You could control this in an easy manner. Before your breakfast you measure your blood pressure - the small blood pressure measuring instrument is available everywhere and note it.