Macadamia nut is a native of eastern Australia, New Caledonia and Indonesia. Although it has very high fat content it has the lowest amount of carbohydrates.

The nutrients in 100 g edible macadamia nuts include:

• Water – 2.5 g
• Protein – 7.5 g
• Fat – 73.0 g
• Carbohydrates – 4.0 g
• Organic acids – Salicylic acid 0.52 mg
• Fibre – 11.4 g
• Minerals - 1.6 g – sodium data not available ( d n a) mg, potassium 265 mg, magnesium d n a mg, calcium 50 mg, iron 200 micro g, copper d n a micro g, zinc d n a micro g, selenium d n a micro g, iodide d n a micro g.
• Vitamins - vitamins B1, B2, nicotine amide

Macadamia nuts are very tasty, healthy, but very costly. In many part of the world it is not known.