All animal food has cholesterol. The bio-availability of the minerals from the meat is good. But for the iron absorption we must also eat food with vitamin C. Meat has also much saturated fatty acids
The nutrients in 100 g edible meat include:

• Water - 74.3 g
• Protein - 20.8 g
• Fat - 3.7 g
• Minerals - 1.2 g – sodium 65 mg, potassium 290 mg, magnesium 20 mg calcium 3 mg, iron 1600 micro g, copper 170 micro g, zinc 2900 micro g, selenium 4 micro g.
• Vitamins - vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, nicotine amide, pantothenic acid
• Cholesterol - 65 mg
• Purine - 180 mg

Minerals, particularly selenium varies with their concentration in the soil. European soil has almost no selenium. It is supplemented in animal feed or in breads. In Europe we eat lot of tropical nuts to get selenium.