Phosphorus is very important for our health and it is needed for the following functions in our body. They are:

• Phosphorous is a mineral that helps to build strong bones and teeth.
• It is necessary in the release of energy from carbohydrates, protein and fat during metabolism.
• It plays a role in the cell membranes, genetic materials and several enzymes.
• Plasma membrane requires phosphorus as a component of phospholipids.
• All the energy production and storage depend upon the adequate source of phosphorus, including adenosine triphosphate, creatine phosphate and other phosphorylated compounds.
• A number of hormones depend upon phosphorylation for their activation.
• It is also of vital importance for acid-base regulations.

The foods rich in Phosphorous include:

Almost all the plant foods, meat and fish contain phosphorus. The absorption is low from plant foods.

Processed food contains large amount of phosphorus level. Soft drinks also contain a good amount of phosphorus so it is advisable to look at the label first before drinking.

Is too much phosphorus dangerous? Too much of any mineral is not good and the problem starts from the absorption.

Phosphorous is known that the hyperactive children have more phosphorus in their bodies than the others and it is also associated to their low IQ. In Germany phosphorus free bread is available for problem children.

Do we get enough phosphorus? If we eat our three major meals there are no problems, but the problem is the too much of phosphorus in soft drinks and snacks. Today it is not at all necessary to supplement phosphorus.

The recommended daily intake of phosphorus is as follows:

AGE                              DAILY                              DAILY                              DAILY
                                  INTAKE[mg]              INTAKE[mg]                 INTAKE[mg]
                                                                               for Females                     for Males

0 to 12 months            120 - 500                                    -                                          -

1 - 3 years                         600                                          -                                          -
4 to 6 years                      700                                          -                                          -
7 to 9 years                      800                                          -                                          -
10 to 12 years                      -                                         900                                    1000

13 to 14 years                      -                                         800                                    900
15 to 18 years                      -                                         800                                    900

Above 19 years                800                                          -                                          -

Pregnant:                   +200                                          -                                          -
Breastfeeding:        +200                                          -                                          -