Our body needs iron to produce red blood cells and they are in charge of transporting oxygen to all cells in our body to produce energy. Less iron means less haemoglobin with many adverse effects, particularly not enough energy to carry out your day today work.

If you take iron supplements, all the iron absorbed cannot be converted into haemoglobin and the excess iron deposits in kidneys, liver and in heart muscles rust there. 37 degrees C and enough water are the best medium for the iron to rust. They produce lot of dangerous hydroxyl free radicals from Fenton’s chemical reaction and too many free radicals are dangerous to our body.

The iron tablets could be taken 14 days to 3 months under the strict supervision of you doctor.

Consult a dietician and improve the iron status only through your food, it is easy, if you know how to do it. Here, do not forget the role of vitamin C and aluminium.