I would like to differentiate in the following way.

• Close family members
• Relatives
• Close friends of the family
• Neighbours
• Persons from educational and religious institutions
• Strangers

Parents, sisters and brothers and grandparents – they are the family but incest is known unfortunately in our world. Mostly here the father sexually abuses the daughter and it is happening in all countries in this world. This is the worst evil of sexual abuse of children.

The other relatives whether they are close or distant we have to put them in one pot. You must explain the danger to your children clearly and the children must be always in a position to say ‘Stop’ or ‘No’. If you observe anything or if your child complaints, you must take appropriate action immediately. If you do not do it, your child will never believe you further in her/his life. Be open to condemn it if some relatives touch your daughter or son unnecessarily in an indecent way.

The family trusts their close friends and the children also trust them. Here lies the big danger of sexual abuse.

Next comes the neighbours and most of them are good. But there are also many unwanted persons in this group. The children believe the neighbours because they are lenient in many things than the parents and here lies the danger. If there are no same age children never allow the children to the neighbours. If the children have no sex health education they may believe everything and pornography may play also a role here. Here one must be very careful.

The next are the persons from educational institutions, religious and other institutions. If you hear or observe something or your child complaints, go to the head of the institution and make a complaint. You must warn the other parents immediately.

Finally, there are the strangers. We meet them outside the house or who come to our doorsteps. It is better to avoid them and ‘No’ and ‘Stop’ is the best words to use. If there are no adults in the house you need not open the door.

In all the above circumstances if something unpleasant happens go to the police immediately and make a complaint.