Chromium is an essential trace element in our body and it helps insulin to bring sugar inside the cells for energy production.

Many in the world are deficient in chromium. People who eat abundant sweet food, pregnant women and old people who do strenuous exercises or physical work are affected by chromium deficiency. If there is a deficiency the risk for diabetes and heart disease increases. Moreover, Fat and cholesterol may be increased in our blood.

The uses of chromium include:

• Chromium rich food helps sugar metabolism.
• Decreasing total cholesterol and LDL and increasing HDL is not accepted by all researchers.

The body builders use chromium but its effect is not yet confirmed.

The foods rich in chromium include:

• Yeast
• Lean meat
• Cheese
• Liver
• Kidney
• Whole grain products
• Honey
• Tea

The recommended daily intake of chromium is 50 – 200µg.

One may think that chromium supplementation may help to cure diabetes. It is wrong because of the fact that a person who takes chromium needs healthy kidneys. All the minerals must be eliminated through the kidneys and if they are health only, we can think of any supplement containing minerals. We have to consult the doctor, who knows the blood values for kidneys and he will advice us.

Trivalent chromium which is normally present in our food is not toxic. However hexavalent chromium salts may cause health hazards. These are used only in the industries. Welders who are working in the aeronautical industries like Airbus or Boeing inhale much chromium through their lungs. In their urine chromium is increased after the shift