The toxins get inside our body through the lungs, skin or from the food, environment etc. and most of them is not water soluble. These are very dangerous because our kidneys are not in a position to excrete them and must be made water soluble.

The first set of enzymes, the phase-1 enzymes, react with them and produce an intermediate product which is more poisonous than the original toxin. Moreover, these produce many free radicals which are also dangerous to our health. So in the phase-2 reaction, in a very rapid way the reduced glutathione present in our cells react with this to form a water soluble substance which could be excreted through the kidneys.

In this process the glutathione is got oxidised and in less than in a fraction of nano second time this should be reduced to the original state to bind the toxins from the next breath. Here comes the vital role of antioxidants which reduce the oxidised glutathione to the effective reduced glutathione and this is happening countless times in our body throughout our lives without a break. A break means certain death.

Fruits and vegetables have enough anti-oxidants. Right food is our health.